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Here is a video on data transfer with YSF radios.

DR-1X - ID and TX issue

DR-1X - ID and TX issue

I just recently activated my Fusion Repeater and have noticed an issue when the Repeater ID's.

This Repeater has the latest firmware and is running in the* Auto/Auto* mode.

Occasionally when Repeater users are active (in the case Repeater Auto switches to FM mode) When the repeater decides to ID It does not always pass audio after the ID. This seems to happen mostly when a conversation is in progress and one user quits talking and another starts. The ID not being polite ID's on top of the new user as they began talking. When the ID finishes it does not pass audio until the person who began talking as the ID began quits. The audio returns to normal only after the next Repeater keyup is started.
 Have I got something set wrong or is this a bug with the ID.

This is a known problem and has been reported to Yaesu.

If the DR-1x is currently IDing, and someone attempts to talk, they are muted. If the DR-1x IDs when a user is already talking, then the ID is mixed. It's strange logic for sure, but normal operation. You can find all the details in a .PDF document when you D/L the latest firmware from the Yaesu web site.

[YaesuSystemFusion] Digital Squelch?

[YaesuSystemFusion] Re: Digital Squelch?

If running in AUTO/AUTO, program the FM with CTCSS/DSC and make sure you transmit the tone and publish to out to the FM users (and the digital user if they want to talk to them). Then when the repeater is operating digital, FM users will see the activity, but will not hear or be bothered with it. That is how I have mine set and it works great. Even for me since I do not yet have a digital HT, I can still access the machine on FM if needed and see activity if it’s C4FM. Great system.

YAESU Ham Radio University 2016

Ham Radio University 2016
Pretty good video on digital modes.  In beginning Yaesu give good talk on Fusion and the products.


Wires-x delayed a few days and now firmware upgrade 12/1/15

Yaesu System Fusion Wires-x delayed a few days and now firmware upgrade 12/1/15

This was copied from 

Chris Wilson
Hey guys and gals, looks like the Wires-x release is going to be delayed. I will be announcing it on the 1st with a video of how it operates. We have the final firmware and software release we are just waiting on documentation. The upgrade will require that some additional modules besides the main firmware be updated and we need to document those procedures.
Daniel AdkinChris Wilson, you mention Firmware and software. Is this the system to allow a FTM400/Ftm100 to point at a repeater to give it wires-x linking(by RF), ie a remote access repeater with no local internet. Or is it the update to the repeater firmware to link directly to HRI-200?

Chris Wilson Hello daniel, it's a firmware and software update. The current software will work with most repeaters via remote link without the firmware though. Anything g 1.00b or newer

Daniel Adkin Sorry Chris Wilson, being a little stupid here. This software and firmware to be released will it update the DR1X to pass digital traffic to Wires-x or something else? Looking forward to it anyway!!!!

Chris Wilson Yup, it sure will.

Bradley Haney Ok before I do a FAT GUY happy dance here.. AM i reading that right that the DR1x firmware will be coming also or just the ability to use a link radio

Chris Wilson Both, direct connection and the ability to use a link radio, so you won't need internet at the tower site

Bradley Haney I FEEL THE NEED FOR A FAT GUY HAPPY DANCE. Thanks Chris.. I feel a cold coming on and skipping work might just happen

Yaesu System Fusion Digital

This group is focused on Yaesu System Fusion Digital Voice & Data C4FM / FDMA technology and 
System Fusion products including: 
- FT1DR/XD FM/Digital 2m/70cm Handheld Transceiver
- FT2DR FM/Digital 2m/70cm Handheld Transceiver
- FTM-100DR FM/Digital 2m/70cm Mobile Transceiver
- FTM-400DR/XD FM/Digital 2m/70cm Mobile Transceiver
- FT-991 AM/SSB/FM/Digital HF/VHF/UHF Portable Transceiver
- WIRES-X Digital & Analog Internet Linking
- HRI-200 Internet Interface
- DR-1 (Beta) & DR-1X (Production) FM/Digital 2m/70cm Repeaters


YAESU Fusion WIRES-X HRI-200 connected
HRI-200 connected

YAESU Fusion WIRES-X HRI-200 connected