Wires-x delayed a few days and now firmware upgrade 12/1/15

Yaesu System Fusion Wires-x delayed a few days and now firmware upgrade 12/1/15

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Chris Wilson
Hey guys and gals, looks like the Wires-x release is going to be delayed. I will be announcing it on the 1st with a video of how it operates. We have the final firmware and software release we are just waiting on documentation. The upgrade will require that some additional modules besides the main firmware be updated and we need to document those procedures.
Daniel AdkinChris Wilson, you mention Firmware and software. Is this the system to allow a FTM400/Ftm100 to point at a repeater to give it wires-x linking(by RF), ie a remote access repeater with no local internet. Or is it the update to the repeater firmware to link directly to HRI-200?

Chris Wilson Hello daniel, it's a firmware and software update. The current software will work with most repeaters via remote link without the firmware though. Anything g 1.00b or newer

Daniel Adkin Sorry Chris Wilson, being a little stupid here. This software and firmware to be released will it update the DR1X to pass digital traffic to Wires-x or something else? Looking forward to it anyway!!!!

Chris Wilson Yup, it sure will.

Bradley Haney Ok before I do a FAT GUY happy dance here.. AM i reading that right that the DR1x firmware will be coming also or just the ability to use a link radio

Chris Wilson Both, direct connection and the ability to use a link radio, so you won't need internet at the tower site

Bradley Haney I FEEL THE NEED FOR A FAT GUY HAPPY DANCE. Thanks Chris.. I feel a cold coming on and skipping work might just happen

Bradley Haney 1st of December of 1st of the year

Chris Wilson Hopefully not 1st of the year, we just have to get documentation together. It's imperative we make sure everyone knows how to use it.

Bradley Haney Well that means hopefully 1st of December then And hro has a good thanksgiving sale going on

Thanks Yaesu!

Mike – KC9NSA
Michael Sigler 
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